It is not just another recipe program. It's a highly professional tool for you!
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Having excellent recipes for our daily meals is a big challenge!
RecipeCenter is an excellent tool where you can organize, upload and add recipes. This is not just an electronic recipe book; it is more like the perfect complement for your diet. This tiny, fast and unique program allows you to "watch" your nutrition facts per recipe.
As many electronic cook books, this one can also manage your recipes in alphabetic order, category, and keywords. You will able to view your ingredients according to the number of yields, i.e. Tomorrow you will have a dinner for 20 guests, your recipe is for 4 yields, change the number and the recipe will be automatically modified at once! This is great! You will omit the mathematical formula to change each ingredient to obtain the perfect recipe!
Now you also have the opportunity to link directly from the program to other Cuisine Web sites to complement your recipes. The program also has a maintenance option to compact or repair your database; once in a while you have to update properly your recipe database to avoid future problems. This is a good alternative. Its original database has very good photos. When you add your own recipes, don’t forget to upload your photos too.
“Well, allow me to say …” This is not just another recipe program. It is a highly professional tool that is worth having in your computer.

Elsa Flores Ahedo
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